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2 years of EAD/ETA service in EOTA

By end of 2015 Technical Assessments Bodies (TAB) in EOTA issued 1272 European Technical Assessments (ETA). In total about 2300 ETA requests according to Art 21 (1) b of the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 were registered by the EOTA Secretariat. ETAGs used as EAD serve as a valid basis for such ...

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Call for experts - ETAG conversion into EAD - Cat. B

Under the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) EOTA had developed European Technical Approvals Guidelines (ETAGs). As technology and experience further develops and innovation is a steady fact in manufacturing processes, the ETAGs published until June 2013 under CPD will be revised and merged in European Assessment Documents in accordance to the Construction ...

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Database for ETAssessments

In November EOTA launched the new look of the ETA Public Database online. The update (migration of data) was processed until end of 2015. Further development of the tool will allow real-time information about the status of issued ETAs by Technical Assessment Bodies. EOTA Secretariat has stored more than 1900 references to ...

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