Technical Reports

EOTA Technical Reports (TR) handle details of construction products in some aspects and express the common understanding of existing knowledge and experience about such products of the Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) at a particular point in time. They are adopted in EOTA Technical Board.

EOTA TRs initially were developed as supporting reference documents to European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs). They could also be applied in cases where the assessment of the construction products was adopted by the Approval Bodies acting jointly within EOTA (Art. 9 (2) of the Directive (EEC) 89/106 (CPD), or to an EOTA Comprehension Document or an European Technical Approval (ETA), as far as reference was made therein. They are also developed under Regulation (EU) 305/2011 (CPR).

Where engineering knowledge and technical experience is developing, especially through assessment work and research activities, such reports could be amended and updated. They support the assessment work of TABs and the EAD development in EOTA.

EOTA TR001 Determination of impact resistance of panels and panels assemblies 2003
EOTA TR002 Test methods for Light Composite Wood-based Beams and Columns 2000
EOTA TR003 Determination of the watertightness 2004
EOTA TR004 Determination of the resistance to delamination 2004
EOTA TR005 Determination of the resistance to wind loads of partially bonded roof waterproofing membranes 2004
EOTA TR006 Determination of the resistance to dynamic indentation 2004
EOTA TR007 Determination of the resistance to static indentation 2003
EOTA TR008 Determination of the resistance to fatigue movement 2004
EOTA TR009 Determination of the resistance to sliding 2004
EOTA TR010 Exposure procedure for artificial weathering 2004
EOTA TR011 Exposure procedure for accelerated ageing by heat 2004
EOTA TR012 Exposure procedure for accelerated ageing by hot water 2004
EOTA TR013 Determination of crack-bridging capability 2004
EOTA TR014 Exposure procedure for accelerated ageing of glass reinforced unsaturated polyester resins by two-hour water boil 2004
EOTA TR015 Principles for the static calculation of connections made with Three-Dimensional Nailing Plates, with examples 2002
EOTA TR016 Method of testing Three-Dimensional Nailing Plates with examples 2012
EOTA TR017 Worked example calculation of characteristic load-carrying capacities of 90° angle bracket with a rib 2012
EOTA TR018 Assessment of torque controlled bonded anchors 2003
EOTA TR019 Calculation models for prefabricated wood-based Loadbearing stressed skin panels for use in roofs 2005
EOTA TR020 Evaluation of Anchorages in Concrete concerning Resistance to Fire 2004
EOTA TR021 Reaction to fire requirements for small components 2005
EOTA TR022 Determination of the resistance to the passage of chloride ions through a waterproofing layer subjected to indentation by aggregate 2007
EOTA TR023 Assessment of post-installed rebar connections 2006
EOTA TR024 Characterisation, Aspects of Durability and Factory Production Control for Reactive Materials, Components and Products 2009
EOTA TR025 Determination of point thermal transmittance of plastic anchors for the anchorage of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) 2007
EOTA TR026 Evaluation of plate stiffness from plastic anchors for fixing of external thermal insulation composite systems with rendering (ETICS) 2007
EOTA TR029 Design of Bonded Anchors 2010
EOTA TR030 Factory made boards and products formed by moulding of a silicate polystyrene composite for thermal and or acoustical insulation 2008
EOTA TR031 Fire Resistance Tests for Cavity Barriers 2008
EOTA TR032 Bending Test for swivel Joints made of PVC-U 2009
EOTA TR033 Test method for discontinuously laid bituminous roof covering products – Determination of watertightness 2009
General BWR3 Checklist for EADs/ETAs - Content and/or release of dangerous substances in construction products 2015
EOTA TR035 Rules for extended application of test results of fire resisting elements 2013
EOTA TR036 A factory made structural anchor for attaching personal fall protection equipment, designed to be permanently fully bonded to a multilayered modified bitumen roof waterproofing system provided with polyester reinforcement to a maximum roof slope of 15°, without perforating the roof waterproofing system 2013
EOTA TR037 Test method for elastomeric insulating elements – Determination of creep 2011
EOTA TR038 Assessment procedure for durability of thin metallic composite panels 2012
EOTA TR039 Ventilated façade system with self-supporting composite panels 2013
EOTA TR040 Factory-made boards and products formed by moulding of an expanded polylactic acid (EPLA) for thermal and / or acoustical insulation 2012
EOTA TR041 Non-reinforcing hexagonal geogrid for the stabilization of unbound granular layers by way of interlock with the aggregate 2012
EOTA TR042 Plastics piping kits for heating systems,consisting of pipes made of PB-R and mechanical and or welded fittings 2012
EOTA TR043 Plastics piping kits for the underground transport under pressure of water not intended for human consumption, made of glass reinforced filament wound epoxy (GRE) 2013
EOTA TR044 Acoustic evaluation of Lightweight Building Structures 2013
EOTA TR045 Design of Metal Anchors For Use In Concrete Under Seismic Actions 2013
EOTA TR046 Test methods for foam adhesives for ETICS 2014
EOTA TR047 Calculation Method for the performance of Anchor Channels 2015
EOTA TR050 Anchor channels under fatigue loading 2015