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EAD-format available!

In the view of effective implementation of Construction Products Regulation, the Commission together with EOTA elaborated and concluded the final of EAD-Format. The adaptation of the already elaborated EADs to this format does not have an impact on ETAs already issued based on these EADs. With the support of Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) ...

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1st EOTA Technical Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting

An EOTA Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting focussing on technical issues under CPR took place in EOTA premises in Brussels on 13.03.2015. 18 months after the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011/EC Members of the EOTA Executive Board gave a comprehensive overview about the ETA process including the EAD ...

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EC-EOTA conclusion on the EAD-format!

The EC and EOTA on 05.03.2015 finally concluded the content of the EAD-format and found a common understanding on the handling of the editorial adaptation of the EADs adopted over the last 1 ½ year in EOTA to this format. A common EC-EOTA press release is coming soon. ...

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