Call for experts – EOTA Experts Group Fixings (PT 15 - EGF)

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Call for experts – EOTA Experts Group Fixings (PT 15 - EGF)

The European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA – is a non-profit organisation, bringing together Europe's Technical Assessment Bodies. EOTA was founded in 1990 to help realise the common European market for construction products. EOTA's special expertise is innovative and non-standard construction products. Through its services, EOTA helps product manufacturers bring their cutting-edge products to the European market, using CE marking as an entry ticket.

Under the Construction Products Directive (CPD - 89/106/EEC), EOTA had developed European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) for Fixings related products which were further developed into EADs in the sense of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011. To this extent, the respective working groups (“newETAG WG”) were formed addressing ETAGs 001, 014, 020 and 029 which contents are respectively superseded by EADs 330232, 330499, 330747, 330196, 330284* and 330076. (* EAD 330284 is pending for citation in OJEU).

After the work for the revision of the mentioned ETAGs is completed and these European Assessment Documents have replaced them; further development of the EADs can take place. Thus, the EOTA Project Team 15 - Experts Group Fixings (PT 15 - EGF) was created and is launching a call for participation.

We, the Technical Assessment Bodies, the EOTA Secretary General and the EOTA Technical Board Chair, take the opportunity to invite you to participate in the development!

In case of interest to support in kind our work with technical expertise, please let us know before the 15th July 2019.


EU associations should consider to nominate experts with high technical competence in the relevant product area and English literacy. Within this framework, EOTA would like to encourage especially SMEs to seek for representation. Objectivity and a sound technical judgement is expected from the expert throughout the whole participation process. EOTA does not provide for direct or indirect financial compensation of such industry/SME support in the work. EOTA will not seek for respective funding on EU level, but may support respective policy initiatives. All candidatures are subject to approval of EOTA Technical Board.

Applications by EU associations should be addressed by 15th of July 2019 to EOTA Secretariat in Brussels ( and containing the following information and documents:

◾Determination of the relevant work item the EU association is interested in;

◾Information on the scope of activity of the EU association and representativeness (preferably following EU transparency rules for consultative entities) and justification of the interest;

◾Information on the employer of the expert and the experts’ expertise (in brief);

◾Letter of commitment and Annex (signed). To be downloaded via the following link: Technical Working Groups - EOTA