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EOTA maintains this website to enhance public access to information about its services as regards ETAs and the technical work related to the EAD development. Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate, but we cannot guarantee either. Therefore, all pages are subject to revision from time to time. However, EOTA accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site, might it be related to content or format.

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Copyright notice

EOTA is owner of all intellectual property rights in this website and the EOTA material published on it, except of ETAs. The publication of bibliographic information about ETAs is a service we provide to our members and the manufacturers according to the rules agreed upon within EOTA. All such rights are reserved. Reproduction (i.e. copies/dissemination) of EOTA publications is not allowed. The use is authorized, provided the source is acknowledged.

The use of the EOTA logo is restricted to EOTA and its members.

If you want to refer to the fact that you have chosen the ETA route to CE mark your product in your PR tools (brochures, catalogues, etc.), please do this in the following way:

  • If using the abbreviation EOTA, please mark with “registered trademark” -> EOTA®.
  • If using the long version, please be aware that the correct name is “European Organisation for Technical Assessment”.
  • If using either EOTA® or European Organisation for Technical Assessment, please refer to our website as well -> www.eota.eu

        Examples:     EOTA® (www.eota.eu)
                              European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA®) - www.eota.eu -
                              European Organisation for Technical Assessment (www.eota.eu)


Personal Data protection

EOTA is committed to protecting your privacy online. In case you provide us with information about yourself, we protect your personal information on the internet to an equivalent high standard.

EOTA Intranet

The ETA process and EAD development procedure is subject to commercial secrecy and confidentiality (Art 20 (1) c of the Regulation (EU) 305/2011.

EOTA Intranet provides a platform for members and Technical Assessment Bodies to be kept informed on the ETA process and the EAD development. Some textual information may have copyrights owned by third parties. This information can only be used non-edited for assessment in EOTA technical work. It must not be used for commercial purposes. No license is granted in respect of any intellectual property rights of third parties.

Users have to accept a data protection declaration according to the rules set up in the respective EOTA member bodies and/or Technical Assessment Bodies. When applying for access to the EOTA Intranet, such a declaration has to be signed.

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