EC confirmed that ETAGs can be used as EADs

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Today the European Commission confirmed that the aim of the CPR co-legislators has been to ensure that the consolidated technical knowledge which found its place in the European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) elaborated under the Construction Products Directive could be used to provide the technical basis for issuing ETAssessments (ETA). Emphasis was laid on the fact that it is for EOTA (the organisation of TABs acting jointly) to decide if for a manufacturer’s request an ETAG can be used without changes, or, if changes are necessary, a European Assessment Document (EAD) first needs to be elaborated.

This means that the existing technical content of the ETAG is sufficient to provide the basis for the Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) to proceed directly to the product assessment in order to issue an ETA.

This practice has been executed by TABs within EOTA since the publication of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1062/2013 of 30 October 2013 on the format of the ETA and until now EOTA has been informed about 280 ETAs being issued by TABs.

The European Commission will also provide for a new section on the NANDO portal to allow further information on EOTA transitional arrangements.

EOTA, the member states and manufacturer’s associations very much welcomed this approach.