Elements of the ETA process

1. Application

A manufacturer or his authorised representative may request a European Technical Assessment (ETA).  Therefore, the manufacturer introduces an application to the Technical Assessment Body (TAB) of his choice and which is designated for the relevant product area. TABs provide for specific application forms using an EOTA model accordingly.

Which product area is of your interest? Which TABs are designated in the product area of your interest? Please search here.

With the application the manufacturer shall give the following information:

  • Type and description of the construction product, its intended use and the essential characteristics/performances to be declared
  • Indication, if available, if the construction product is not or not fully covered by a harmonised standard
  • Confirmation that any application has been introduced to another TAB before.

2. Service agreement

The chosen TAB checks and informs the manufacturer, if the product is fully or not fully covered by a harmonised standard or any other harmonised technical specification such as European Assessment Documents (EADs) or European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs used as EAD). If the product is covered by a harmonised standard an ETA cannot be issued.

The chosen TAB informs the applicant about its general terms and the quotation. Both parties sign an agreement of confidentiality and commercial secrecy. 

What are the elements of such general terms? (under construction)

In cases where no harmonised technical specification exists or deviates, the chosen TAB will initiate in parallel the development of a European Assessment Document (EAD) within EOTA.

What is an EAD? Please see here.

3. Manufacturers' Technical File (MTF)

The manufacturer provides the TAB with a comprehensive technical file of the product to be assessed. Research or any other technical assessment results might be helpful to include. 

In particular, in case of innovations and further developments of products, it is recommended to contact a TAB before investing to a great extent in testing.

The MTF is covered by the confidentialiy and commercial secrecy agreement and remains with the TAB.

4. Work and assessment programme

Depending on the characteristics the manufacturer wishes to declare performance on, both parties determine and agree on the work and assessment programme on the basis of the relevant and available harmonized technical specifications.

What happens, if any harmonized technical specification is available? Please see here.

5. ETA certification

When the work and assessment programme is finalized, the results will be stated in the European Technical Assessment (ETA). The TAB uses a specific ETA format accordingly. Its elements are specified in the Regulation (EU) No 1062/2013, the layout is agreed in EOTA.

A draft ETA is consulted amongst designated TABs in the relevant product area for consistency. Within one month the TABs may communicate their observations to the responsible TAB. The manufacturer may comment on the draft ETA as well.

The TAB is responsible for issuing the ETA. The ETA is the basis for the Declaration of Performance (DoP) to be drawn up by the manufacturer.

6. The ETA in Europe

The European Commission will be informed about every ETA request. References of issued ETAs are published in a Public Database established by EOTA.

Note: The procedural rules in EOTA are harmonised as far as possible. Nevertheless, national law may apply.