EOTA SAG - Stakeholder Advisory Group

Terms of refererence for EOTA Stakeholders Advisory Group, September 2014

EOTA cooperates with the concerned construction stakeholders.

(see EOTA Internal Regulations, Clause 20 - Stakeholder Advisory Group)


The General Assembly and the Executive Board are responsible for the development of management, policy and strategy of EOTA by virtue of the statute requirements that place at least seven members on the EOTA Executive Board coming from within the organisation of Technical Assessment bodies (TABs). The members of EOTA believe it important that an independent consultative body be established within the organization to provide the Board with recommendations on strategic objectives to serve the stakeholders better and improve alignment with peer groups.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is defined by the EOTA Executive Board and is chaired by the President of EOTA. The SAG will provide recommendations to the EOTA Executive Board in the following areas:

  • Implementation of the CPR     
  • EAD and ETA process: Quality systems and procedures promoting greater efficiency and providing a better service to industry
  • Feed-back on tasks fulfilled by TABs
  • Communication
  • International and stakeholder recognition
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • Legal viability and Financial stability
  • Other areas that the SAG deems important to the viability of the organization.


The SAG is comprised of a representative of the key parties representing the interest of the construction sector, and the EOTA Executive Board. The EOTA Executive Board approves the members of the SAG. The SAG, at its discretion, can make recommendations to EOTA for adding members who it believes will broaden the perspective of the SAG.


The SAG meets on a yearly basis, and at any other time as needed. The EOTA President and the EOTA Executive Board provides EOTA with documented recommendations at EOTA’s General Assembly meeting. Each SAG member, at its discretion, can also provide EOTA Executive Board with recommendations at any time it deems important to do so. Each recommendation shall include reasoning for the recommendation, plans for implementation incl. resource needs, and derived benefits for EOTA, its members and stakeholders.