EOTA specifications could soon serve as a basis for access to the US market

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EOTA specifications could soon serve as a basis for access to the US market

European Assessment Documents, or EADs for short, are the basis for European Technical Assessments (ETAs) and thus for marketing construction products all across Europe based on the CE marking. In the future, European Assessment Documents could also serve as the technical background for marketing these products in the US.

To make this possible, the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) and the American assessment organisation ICC-ES have signed a cross licencing agreement, allowing both sides to use the (copyrighted) technical content of the other for their own specifications. “It is obvious where the added value of this agreement for manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic lies. Aligned technical specifications will considerably cut testing and compliance costs,” says EOTA president Karsten Kathage.

EOTA is the association of the European Technical Assessment Bodies designated by their governments to issue ETAs. The non-profit organisation, which coordinates the ETA procedure, holds the copyright to all European Assessment Documents (product specifications) and Technical Reports (guidance documents for design and execution). The ETA procedure offers manufacturers in Europe a way to market non-standard construction products in the entire single market with the CE marking.

In a similar way, the US International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) certifies in its evaluation reports that innovative construction products meet the technical requirements of the relevant ICC Codes. The reports are based on technical specifications developed by ICC-ES called Acceptance Criteria. EOTA and the European Technical Assessment Bodies will in the future be able to use these Assessment Criteria for developing new EOTA specifications.

“It is time to take harmonisation and cooperation in the area of construction product assessment to the next level. EOTA was established as a Europe-wide network for sharing assessment knowledge and best practices. This cooperation has more than proven its worth. It makes sense to open up this valuable network to new partners. EOTA is planning to develop its international relations in the future,” says EOTA General Secretary Sergio Vazquez Jimenez.