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FAQ covering the Construction Products Regulation

For frequently asked questions and answers covering the Construction Product Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (CPR), please consult the website of the European Commission

In particular FAQs covering the transition from the Construction Products Directive (CPD) to the Regulation (CPR) contain information about CE-marking according to the ETA route. 

ETApproval (ETA) or ETAssessment (ETA)?

As regards the European Technical Approval (ETA), please note that ETAs issued before the 1st of July 2013 may be used by manufacturers as European Technical Assessments for the Declaration of Performance (DoP) throughout the period of validity of these European technical approvals. When such European Technical Approval is about to expire, the manufacturer may request a European Technical Assessment from one of the Technical Assessment Bodies designated for the relevant product area.

Please be aware that there exists a new format of the European Technical Assessment to be used by the Technical Assessment Bodies as of 1st July 2013. This format slightly differs from the format of the European Technical Approval. 

Deliverables of the former European Organisation of Technical Approvals such as ETA Guidelines (ETAGs) or Technical Reports (TR), or any other technical documents serve as a basis for the development of European Assessment Documents (EAD).

With respect to technical questions related to deliverables of EOTA members such as ETAs either based on an EAD or on an ETAG used as EAD in accordance with Art 66 (3) of the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, one should contact an EOTA member. Further information can be found as well on the EOTA website or the NANDO website of the European Commission.

What is the difference between ETApproval and ETAssessment?

The main difference between an ETA(pproval) issued under the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and an ETA(ssessment) issued under the Regulation (CPR) is the following:

In the CPD context, the ETA(pproval) was a technical assessment of the fitness for use of a construction product for an intended use. All relevant characteristics for the use of the product were assessed. All relevant characteristics and aspects for the use of the product were assessed, amongst others packaging, storage, trasnport, installation, and maintenance.

In the CPR context, the ETA(ssessment) is based on an agreement between the manufacturer and the Technical Assessment Body (TAB) concerning those characteristics for which the manufacturer wishes to declare the performance and which might be relevant for the intended use. It is the documented assessment of the performance of a construction product as it has just been manufactured, in relation to its essential characteristics.

What happens when the EAD resulting from an ETA Guideline conversion is published?

From the publication date in the OJEU, all the ETAs are to be issued according to the published EAD, which replaces the ETA Guideline. What happens with the previously issued ETA? This is a more sensitive issue that may vary depending on national authorities and market surveillance.

Based on the discussions that have taken place at the EOTA Technical Board meetings the following was concluded:

  1. If there are no relevant technical changes in the ETA Guideline to EAD conversion, i.e. the EAD is the result of applying the Regulation criteria and updating the format without introducing relevant technical changes, the use of the ETA and declaration of performance issued by the manufacturer possibly won’t be questioned. In this case, the ETA Guideline and the EAD are considered equivalent.
  2. If there are relevant technical changes in the ETA Guideline to EAD conversion, such as new characteristics or evaluation method changes, the manufacturer is advised to apply for an ETA update and to adapt its declaration of performances to the updated ETA. By doing so, the manufacturer will not have problems with national authorities or market surveillance organisations.


What is a TAB?

Information about a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) can be found on the website of EOTA or the NANDO website of the European Commission.

Member States may designate TABs, notably for one or several product areas. However, not all Member States have yet designated a TAB. 

There might be a discrepancy between the information given on the EOTA Website and on NANDO. It might be the case that a Member State has duly designated a TAB and informed the EOTA Secretariat thereof, while the procedure to list this body on NANDO needs some time.