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New EADs published and more ETAGs transformed

New EADs published Today, seventeen new references to EADs (European Assessment Documents) were cited in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The new reference list includes nine listings which convert European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) into EADs, namely transforming ETAG 001 part 5, 013, 018 (all parts), 026 part (1, ...

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Report from EOTA Technical Board -
TB 17/17, October 2017, Naples (IT)

  Amendments of European Assessment Documents (EAD) Updates of EADs are necessary to represent the current state of the art. EADs, which have been developed from ETAGs, are applicable to product families and are therefore more exhaustive in their scope, set of essential characteristics ​​and assessment methods. The conversion of the ETAGs into ...

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Destination Europe – How to bring your non-standard construction product to the European marketplace as a small or medium-sized manufacturer

The European construction market has a volume of approx. 13 trillion EUR – a huge opportunity for construction product manufacturers. However, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with innovative or non-standard products shy away from the administrative and technical barriers they fear to encounter when entering the European market. The good ...

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