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Open letter CPR review continuation ETA route

Open letter CPR review continuation ETA route (Read the full content of the Open letter) The European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) is concerned over the radical changes proposed by the European Commission in the Refined Indicative Options for the Review of the Construction Products Regulation of 8 April 2020, especially with regard to ...

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Spanish associations and bodies support the continuation of the ETA route in the future CPR framework

Spanish associations and bodies have addressed the benefits of the ETA route as a market-driven instrument for the construction sector in an open letter to Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton and MEPs. The organisations appealed to the European Commission to maintain the ETA route in the event of a revision of ...

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New EADs published

2020-07-03 New EADs published A list of new EADs is published Official Journal of the European Union. Technical Assessment Bodies are to use methods and criteria provided in the following EADs for assessing the performance of construction products which are covered by those EADs: EAD Number Title 030400-00-0605 Waterproofing kit based on polymeric membranes for in- and ...

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