More than 100 EADs published

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Since 2015 EOTA is publishing those EADs which are cited in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Until now 113 EADs are cited.

Amongst them 61 documents result from an exchange of best assessment practices for construction products under the former Construction Products Directive which were further developed. 20 EADs concern products not covered by technical specifications (hTS) harmonized in the European Union before. 17 EADs already cover recent technical developments.

Whereas in 2015 only 19 EADs were published, activity in 2016 resulted in the publication of 65 EADs, and already 29 EADs in the first quarter of this year.

The EADs are published by us on our website for free download: go to “Publications” -> “EAD”

List of 25 EADs published today:

020001-01-0405 - Multi-axis concealed hinge assemblies
030019-00-0402 - Liquid applied roof waterproofing on the basis of polysiloxane
040037-00-1201 - Low lambda composite boards made of mineral wool fibres and aerogel additives
040089-00-0404 - ETICS with renderings for the use on timber frame buildings
040313-00-1201 - In-situ formed loose fill thermal and/or acoustic insulation product made of granulated expanded cork
050009-00-0301 - Spherical and cylindrical bearing with special sliding material made of fluoropolymer
090020-00-0404 - Kits for external wall claddings made of agglomerated stone
130019-00-0603 - Dowel-type fasteners with resin coating
130118-00-0603 - Screws for use in timber constructions
130166-00-0304 - Strength graded structural timber - Steam cured solid timber with rectangular cross section which may be finger jointed or not - softwood
150001-00-0301 - Calcium sulphoaluminate based cement
200001-00-0602 - Prefabricated steel and stainless steel wire ropes with end connectors
200012-00-0401 - Spacer Kits for Built-up Metal Roof and Wall Cladding
200032-00-0602 - Prefabricated tension rod systems with special end connectors
200035-00-0302 - Roof and wall systems with hidden fastenings
200036-00-0103 - Kit for micropiles – Kit with hollow bars for self-drilling micropiles
200050-00-0102 - Gabion boxes, mattresses and sack gabions made of hexagonal regular twisted mesh with pre-coated zinc and/or zinc+organic coating
210004-00-0805 - Modular element for building services
220006-00-0402 - Roofing slates made of polypropylene, limestone and fillers
230011-00-0106 - Road marking products
320008-00-0605 - Swellable joint sealing tape on the basis of bentonite for construction joints in watertight concrete
330001-00-0602 - Expanding Structural Bolting Assemblies for Blind Fastening
330047-01-0602 - Fastening Screws for Sandwich Panels
330083-01-0601 - Power-actuated fastener for multiple use in concrete for non-structural applications
330667-00-0602 - Hot-rolled mounting channel

Note: the publication OJEU 2017/C 118/04 contains two printing mistakes: (1) Products described in EAD 040089-00 are intended for façades (EOTA Product area 0404), not for roofs (EOTA product area 0401); (2) EAD 200050-00-0102 does not supersede 200039-00-0102. The corrections will be published in one of the next issues of the OJEU.

Our TABs are requested to use the latest editions of EADs for assessments of construction products. The verification of the constancy of the declared performance of a construction product is validated on the basis of the ETA by so called Notified Bodies (NBs).

Interested manufacturers are invited to assess their innovations via the ETA route with our Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs).

According to the actual information of TABs 654 ETAs were issued in 2014, 965 in 2015, 1215 ETAs in 2016.

Complete list of EADs used for technical assessments of construction products.