New EADs published

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Today 12 new EADs (European Assessment Documents) were cited in the Official Journal of the European Union. These new EADs provide methods and criteria for assessing the performance of construction products in the following product areas:

02. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Gates and Related Building Hardware

04. Thermal Insulation Products; Composite Insulating Kits/Systems

09. Curtain Walling/Cladding/Structural Sealant Glazing

13. Structural Timber Products/Elements and Ancillaries

15. Cement, Building Limes and Other Hydraulic Binders

The EADs are published by us on our website for free download: Publications -> EAD

Manufacturers interested are invited to assess their construction products via the ETA route with our Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs).

Bodies wishing to provide third party tasks in the process of the assessment and verification of the constancy of the performance of such construction products are invited to apply for notification to their responsible notifying authority.

List of new EADs published today for the first time in OJEU 2017/C 343/06:

EAD Number

   Methods and criteria for assessing the performance of


 - Internal pedestrian fire resisting and/or smoke control single or
   double leaf doorsets made of steel


 - Insulation made of loose-fill or compound granulated
   expanded cork


 - In-situ formed loose fill thermal and/or acoustic insulation material
   made of animal fibres


 - Fiber reinforced silica aerogel thermal insulation


 - Kit composed by subframe and fixings for fastening cladding and
   external wall elements


 - Glued laminated timber made of steam-cured solid timber with rectangular
   cross section – Softwood


 - Calcium aluminate based refractory cement


 - Rapid hardening  sulfate resistant calcium sulphoaluminate based cement


 - Rapid setting cement


 - Terrace decking kit


 - Self–supporting ridgelight


 - Alkali resistant glass fibres containing zirconium dioxide for the use in concrete

List of EADs which are used by TABs for technical assessments of construction products.