New EADs published

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Today, the European Commission communicated 6 new references to EADs (European Assessment Documents) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ).

Full text of the EADs are published on our website for free download: Publications -> EAD

The ETA route to CE marking is open to all manufacturers of construction products whose products are not fully covered by a harmonised standard. Feel free to contact one of our competent Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB) to have your product assessed!


Find a TAB?

Bodies wishing to provide third party tasks in the assessment and verification of the constancy of the performance (AVCP) of construction products are invited to apply for notification with their responsible notifying authority.

List of new EADs published today for the first time in the OJEU 2018/C 370/05:


 Mineral non-flexible sealing slurry kit on the basis of cement


 Gully tops and manhole tops made of the polyamide (PA) for external vehicular
and pedestrian areas


 Pile Joints and Rock shoes for concrete piles


 Processed bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators as type II addition
for production of concrete, mortar and grout


 Powder-actuated fastener for multiple use in concrete for non-structural applications


 Systems for post-installed rebar connections with mortar