Get involved in EAD work

EOTA is committed to working in close cooperation with construction sector stakeholders. To ensure this, EOTA regularly publishes calls for experts for its open project teams and expert groups. These groups serve to prepare and develop future editions of European Assessment Documents (EAD), Technical Reports (TR) or other guidance documents supporting EOTA's work. Other important aims of these groups are to promote a common understanding of technical advances in the construction sector and to encourage an open expert dialogue.

Open project teams and expert groups

The following EOTA project teams and expert groups are open to qualified experts from European associations.

Working groupDetailed description
PT 4


The project team supports Technical Assessment Bodies in the development of EADs by providing advice on how to address fire safety. WG members are also active in the relevant European exchange platforms, such as the EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) and the Advisory Group Fire of the European Commission.

Contact: Hans Naus (KIWA)

WG members: EOTA members, Construction Products Europe, Group of Notified Bodies 

PT 9

Dangerous substances

The project team provide advice on addressing the content and release of dangerous substances to Technical Assessment Bodies developing EADs. WG members are also active in the Expert Goup Dangerous Substances (EGDS) chaired by the European Commission.

Contact: Andre Glossmann (DIBt)

WG members: EOTA members, Stichting Bouwkwaliteit (SBK, NL)Construction Products Europe, CEN TC 351, European Commission



The project team supports Technical Assessment Bodies by providing expertise on how to approach sustainability in European Assessment Documents. 

Contact: Friderik Knez (ZAG)

WG members: EOTA members, Stichting Bouwkwaliteit (SBK, NL)Construction Products Europe


Expert Group Fixings

The expert group deals with the further development of the European Assessment Documents resulting from the conversion of ETAGs 001, 014, 020 and 029. The relevant documents for this group are EADs 330232, 330499, 330747, 330196, 330284 and 330076. General questions related to fixings can be discussed here.


Contact: Gerhart Lange (DIBt)

WG members: EOTA members, Construction Fixings Europe (CFE), European Consortium of SME Anchors Producers (ECAP), European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE)

Get involved

EOTA Working Groups are open to experts representing EU associations active in the construction sector. Applications by EU associations can be addressed within the deadline of the call for experts to the EOTA Secretariat in Brussels ( Unsolicited applications can also be considered. The following information should be included (in brief):

  • Name or reference number of the working group your organisation would like to participate in;
  • Motivation for your application;
  • Information about the scope of activity of your organisation and representativeness;
  • Acknowledgement of observer commitment (document to be signed by the organisation and the expert(s)).

Interested EU associations and organisations are welcome to nominate experts with high technical competence in the relevant product areas and good English literacy. It goes without saying that objectivity and a sound technical judgement are expected from all participating experts. All candidatures are subject to approval by the EOTA Technical Board.


Calls for experts

There are no open calls at the moment.