New EADs published

A list of new EADs is published Official Journal of the European Union.

Technical Assessment Bodies can now use methods and criteria provided in the following EADs for assessing the performance of construction products which are covered by those EADs:

EAD Number: 030400-00-0605
Title: Waterproofing kit based on polymeric membranes for in- and outdoor walls and floors of wet areas and swimming pools

EAD Number: 040465-00-0404
Title: External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with renderings on mono-layer or multi-layer wall made of timber

EAD Number: 040729-00-1201
Title: Thermal insulation made of loose mineral wool

EAD Number: 041389-00-1201
Title: Boards made of agglomerated natural cork for thermal and acoustic insulation

EAD Number: 130118-01-0603
Title: Screws and threaded rods for use in timber constructions

EAD Number: 130186-00-0603
Title: Three-dimensional nailing plates

EAD Number: 130287-00-0603
Title: Profiled aluminium nail for use in timber structures

EAD Number: 130308-00-0304
Title: Structural Composite Lumber Product: Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL)

EAD Number: 130336-00-0603
Title: Point connector – dovetail made of plywood for cross-laminated timber

EAD Number: 130367-00-0304
Title: Composite wood-based beams and columns

EAD Number: 160055-00-0301
Title: Lattice girders for the increase of punching shear resistance of flat slabs or footings and ground slabs

EAD Number: 170011-00-0305
Title: Insulating building element for masonry walls

EAD Number: 180023-00-0704
Title: Vertical centrifugal storm water flow regulator

EAD Number: 200050-02-0102
Title: Gabion boxes, mattresses and sack gabions made of hexagonal regular twisted mesh, metallic pre-coated, with or without additional organic coating

EAD Number: 220010-01-0402
Title: Flat plastic roofing sheets made of recycled plastic for self-supporting and/ or fully supported discontinuous roofing and/ or external cladding

EAD Number: 220062-00-0401
Title: Rooflight with bonded or mechanically fastened cover glass

EAD Number: 220116-00-0401
Title: Fixed fire-resistant roof window

EAD Number: 332001-00-0602
Title: Clamping system for connection of precast concrete members

EAD Number: 340275-00-0104
Title: Externally-bonded composite systems with inorganic matrix for strengthening of concrete and masonry structures

The above EADs satisfy the demands to be met in relation to the basic requirements for construction works, and thus contribute to the European safety level.

Full text of the EADs are published on our website for free download.

The ETA route to CE marking is open to all manufacturers of construction products whose products are not fully covered by a harmonised standard. Feel free to contact one of our competent Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB) to have your product assessed!

Bodies wishing to provide third party tasks in the assessment and verification of the constancy of the performance (AVCP) of construction products are invited to apply for notification with their responsible notifying authority.