News from the 19th EOTA General Assembly meeting

The EOTA General Assembly brings together the representatives of some 50 technical assessment organisations from the European Economic Area and beyond. The latest General Assembly (GA) meeting was held virtually on 10 November 2021.

As one of the first agenda items, the GA representatives had the pleasure to welcome a new member: UL International (Netherlands) BV. After Brexit, the Dutch branch of UL International will continue to represent the group in the EOTA network. EOTA's president Sebastian Wall from ITB, Poland, greeted the new arrival and reiterated EOTA's commitment to maintaining close ties with the UK market, both directly and through its members.

The GA members also had some personnel matters to attend to. The delegates reappointed Eduardo Lahoz Ruiz from IETcc, Spain, as the EOTA treasurer. They also endorsed the candidatures of Dana Bellusova, TSUS, Slovakia, and Thomas Bruun, ETA-Danmark, Denmark, for another two-year-term on the EOTA Executive Board.

Technical Board Chair Matthias Springborn, DIBt, Germany, also had positive news to report: Since the last General Assembly in April 2021, two new batches of EADs had been cited in the Official Journal of the European Union, bringing the total of EADs cited in 2021 to 30. Matthias and the EOTA Secretariat team highlighted the important role of EOTA's new 'Citation Task Force' (PT 16), a project team composed of experienced EAD drafters, which started up work in May 2021 to support the citation of EADs in the Official Journal following a common scheme agreed with the European Commission.