Apply for an ETA

Applying for an ETA is easy. Select a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) as a partner for your ETA. The TAB will then initiate a 5-step process for you (see below).

On a side note: Your direct counterpart and partner for the ETA will be the TAB of your choice. You cannot request an ETA directly from EOTA. EOTA acts as the 'coordinator behind the scenes' linking all TABs.


Find a TAB for your ETA


1. Application

The manufacturer requests an ETA from a TAB designated for the relevant product area.

The TAB provides the manufacturer with an ETA request form to fill in with:

  • type and description of the construction product
  • its essential characteristics and intended use
  • indication if the construction product is not or not fully covered by a harmonised standard or an EAD
  • declaration that an application has not been introduced to another TAB before.

See tips on how to fill in the ETA request form below.

2. Service contract

The TAB checks the request form and provides the applicant with its general terms and a quotation. Both parties sign a service contract including an agreement of confidentiality and commercial secrecy.

In cases where the product is not or not fully covered by an existing EAD, the TAB will in parallel initiate the development of an EAD within EOTA.

Note: If the product is covered by a harmonised standard, an ETA cannot be issued (see full eligibility criteria below).

3. Manufacturers' Technical File (MTF)

The manufacturer provides the TAB with a comprehensive technical file of the construction product to be assessed. The MTF is covered by the confidentiality and commercial secrecy agreement.

Note: Especially in the case of innovations and further developments of products, we recommend that you speak to your TAB before investing to a great extent in testing (see tips for testing below).



4. Work and assessment programme

If a new European Assessment Document (EAD) is needed or an existing one needs to be amended, the TAB and the manufacturer determine and agree on the work and assessment programme. This programme will take into consideration the product characteristics that the manufacturer wants to declare performance on and the relevant and available harmonised technical specifications.

5. Issuing of ETA

When the results of the test carried out on the basis of the EAD are available, the TAB will draw up a draft ETA that will be shared with the applicant as well as the other designated TABs in the relevant product area for feedback. Based on this feedback, the TAB will then issue the ETA.

The ETA is the basis for the Declaration of Performance (DoP) which the manufacturer is required to draw up before CE-marking the product.

ETA eligibility criteria

To apply for an ETA, the following three eligibility criteria set out in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) need to be met.

  1. You are a manufacturer, i.e. a natural or legal person who manufactures a construction product or who has such a product designed or manufactured, and markets it under his name or trademark. You can also request and ETA if you have been mandated by a manufacturer to act as his authorised representative and are established in the Union.

  2. Your product is a construction product within the meaning of the CPR, i.e. any product or kit which is intended for permanent integration into the construction works or parts thereof and which has an effect on the performance of the construction works, namely  in terms of: their mechanical resistance and stability, safety in case of fire, indoor hygiene, health and the environment, safety and accessibility in use, thermal and sound insulation as well as sustainability.

  3. The construction product is not or not fully covered by an existing harmonised standard.

    Note: You can apply for an ETA if your product is only partially covered by a harmonised standard. For example, if the standard does not contain assessment methods for all essential characteristics you wish to declare or if the assessment method provided for in the harmonised standard is not appropriate for your product.

How to fill in the ETA request form

You will find the ETA request on the website of the TAB you chose. You will need to have the following information at hand to fill in the form:

1.    Manufacturer name and address; authorised representative where applicable

2.    Type and trade name of construction product for which the ETA is requested

3.    Description of the construction product and its intended use

Tip: Make sure to include sufficient information on your construction product and its intended use in your request or your initial email to allow the TAB to get a clear picture of the assessment volume.

Relevant parameters regularly include:

  • product characteristics (e.g. dimensions, geometry, materials)
  • interaction with surrounding components (substrates, distances and relation to surrounding components, arrangement of components, especially for kits etc.)
  • installed condition and intended use (e.g. installation position, arrangement, environmental factors such as stresses, fire-protection characteristics etc.)

Your initial information should be succinct but complete. Please be aware that the TAB will probably need to ask you for more detailed information, i.e. a comprehensive manufacturer's technical file (MTF) once the procedure has started. Of course, the MTF is covered by the confidentiality and commercial secrecy agreement.

4. Relevant harmonised technical specifications

You will be asked if your product is fully or partially covered by an existing European Assessment Documents (EAD) or harmonised standard (hEN). Fill in this part to the best of your knowledge after reading the tips below. The TAB will double-check this section and inform you of any harmonised technical specifications you should be aware of.

EADs are the harmonised technical specifications which serve as the basis for the ETA. EADs are developed jointly by the Technical Assessment Bodies within EOTA. You can find out if there already is an EAD covering your product by browsing the EAD list linked below. Getting acquainted with the ETA will also allow you to get a picture of the scope of testing that may be needed. Do not miss our tips on testing before you get started.

Browse the EAD list

If your product is fully covered by an hEN, you cannot apply for an ETA (see eligibility criteria.)

Browse list of hEN

Tips on testing

We recommend that you speak to the TAB of your choice before you start testing. Some TABs have minimum qualification criteria for test labs from which they can accept test results or can advise you on the test setup and other details. Some TABs also offer inhouse testing services. We recommend that you find out on the TAB's testing modalities before you start.