The EAD Action Plan

In 2023, the European Commission and EOTA jointly implemented an Action Plan aimed at accelerating the citation of pending European Assessment Documents (EADs) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). It addressed a backlog of more than 130 EADs which had yet to be referenced in the OJEU as of July 2022.

The Action Plan produced remarkable results in the past few months, with a total of 100 EADs successfully completed, 98 of which falling within the scope of the Action Plan. Of the 98 EADs, 79 were cited in the Official Journal by the end of January 2024 and 10 will be cited in the near future. Nine projects were concluded by integration into other EADs, and two additional EADs were cited in support of the Action Plan.

This milestone has significantly benefited the industry by expanding the range of safe and innovative construction products available to users in the EU and beyond. On top of this, streamlined EAD procedures will ensure timely CE marking of novel products.

The experience gained from the Action Plan will strengthen cooperation between EOTA and the European Commission, facilitating quicker citation of future EADs and thus promoting the access of innovative construction products to the internal market.