The EAD Action Plan

The European Commission and the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) have jointly developed an Action Plan aimed at accelerating the citation of pending European Assessment Documents (EADs) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The plan, which is now available to all stakeholders (see below), is aimed at addressing the backlog of more than 130 EADs which – as of July 2022 – had yet to be referenced in the OJEU.

This ambitious goal will be achieved through a series of measures and a strict working schedule. Both the European Commission and EOTA have committed to making the necessary resources available for this intensive exercise which is to be completed within one year.

During EOTA's Stakeholder Conference on 23 November 2022, Director Gwenole Cozigou of the European Commission and EOTA President Sebastian Wall (ITB, Poland) had already mentioned the development of the Action Plan and its principal aim: to put the EOTA route back into normal operation mode.

The backlog of 137 EADs included in the Action Plan had accumulated over a longer period, dating back to 2018, due to various factors such as the James Elliott judgement (C-613/14) and an increasing demand for EADs.

Both the European Commission and EOTA are fully committed to the success of this joint action, which will bring new opportunities and growth to the industry, while putting the safety of citizens first.

The wealth of experience gained from the Action Plan will also strengthen the cooperation between EOTA and the European Commission with regard to the greenlighting of future EADs, thus promoting the access of innovative construction products to the internal market.