The list below provides the titles of EADs adopted by EOTA and for which first ETAs have been issued.

EADs already published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) also include the reference to their first citation. Once cited in the OJEU, the full text of the final EADs is provided on this webpage for download. The reference of the final EAD is then also cited in NANDO. A new version of an EAD supersedes the previous one, i.e. ETAs will always be issued on the basis of the most recent EAD version. All EADs cited remain available on this webpage.

EOTA codes the EAD number "ECNNNN-VS-PGSG" according to the following principles:

  • product area according to Annex IV of the CPR    (ECNNNN-VS-PGSG)
  • subsequent number in that product area               (ECNNNN-VS-PGSG)
  • version                                                                 (ECNNNN-VS-PGSG)
  • ETA product area code                                         (ECNNNN-ED-PGSG)

Pending for citation in OJEU

The EAD is waiting for the citation of its reference in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in accordance with Annex II point 8 of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Once the EAD reference is cited in the OJEU, the document will be made available.


The reference of the EAD has been cited in the OJEU. The document is published.


The EAD has been amended and replaced by a more recent version which has been cited in the OJEU. Consequently, the previous EAD version is shown as superseded.

The technical content of ETAs issued based on a superseded version of an EAD is not affected as long as no assessment method has been changed by the new EAD version.


The EAD is the result of a merger of one or more related documents which had been adopted under different EAD numbers. The resulting EAD encompasses the content of the previous documents. For clarification, other EAD number(s) that have formerly been used to refer to parts of the content are given as “previously referred as” in the EAD number column. Generally, those EADs were merged before their citation in the OJEU.

EAD Number EAD Title OJEU Status Comment
041125-00-1201 In-situ loose fill thermal and/or acoustic insulation products made of vegetable fibres to be used in floor constructions without additional load-bearing structures


Decision (EU) 2023/424 Cited