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ETAs stand for safety, agility and productivity in fastening technology

To discuss the role of the ETA route to CE marking in the context of the anchor and fixing industry, we interviewed the Technical Director of Construction Fixings Europe (CFE) Thomas Holland-Letz. Mr. Holland-Letz, European Technical Assessments (ETAs) are frequently used in the fixing industry. Why are ETAs so important in your ...

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EOTA's new Technical Board Chair talks about current priorities and the future of the ETA route

During its last meeting on 22 April 2021, the EOTA General Assembly appointed Matthias Springborn (DIBt, Germany) as the new chair of the Technical Board. In the following interview, Mr Springborn talks about goals for his term as TB chair and the future of the ETA route to CE marking.   For those ...

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EOTA – 2020 Annual Report

During the last General Assembly on 22 April 2021, EOTA presented the 2020 annual report. With 60 EADs adopted and a record number of 44 cited in the Official Journal, 2020 was a successful year for the organisation. The report is introduced by a foreword of EOTA’s President Sebastian Wall on the ...

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