ETA database

This database contains currently valid ETAs issued by all Technical Assessment Bodies across Europe. Newly issued ETAs may not yet be displayed.


ETA Number Trade Name
07/0119 Danhaus homes
10/0033 Harmet Modular Houses
15/0663 AS Matek building kits
16/0092 Bien-Zenker Haus
16/0187 Harmet Modular Houses
18/0395 Hand-crafted log house kit Egner Blockhaus
18/0984 ITS (Insulated Timber System)
20/0162 Prefabricated timber frame building kits made of SIP panels SIP ATLAS
20/0434 KH-KönnyűHáz timber frame building kit
20/0576 Prefabricated house Noah
20/0937 Timbeco Woodhouse Timber Frame Building Kits
21/0013 Gildera Building Frame Kits
21/0014 ZTC Timber Building Kits
21/0015 EHI Timber Building Kits
21/0016 Ostby Timber Frame Buildings
21/0018 PAVASARS Timber Frame House,PAVASARS Casa Ecologica di legno,PAVASARS Wooden Frame House
21/0294 ARU GRUPP Timber Frame Building Kits
21/0452 WOOD PACK
21/0883 “KH-KönnyűHáz” timber frame building kit
21/1090 Profab Timber Frame Buildings
22/0281 casana
22/0526 Adapteo A16
22/0544 BIOPAN components
22/0851 KAGER HISA
22/0889 TFS (Timber-Frame System)
22/0891 Hilandero modular houses

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