Citation of EADs

The EAD Action Plan is official

The European Commission and EOTA have been working on an Action Plan aimed at speeding up the citation of pending European Assessment Documents (EADs) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). This Action Plan is now official and available for consultation to the stakeholders (see document below).

The objective of the Action Plan is to clear the backlog of more than 130 EADs not yet cited in the OJEU over the course of the next year. To achieve this goal, both parties, the European Commission and EOTA, have committed to an ambitious set of measures and a tight working schedule. EOTA and the EC services also undertake to make available the resources needed for this intensive exercise.

At EOTA’s Stakeholder Conference on 23 November 2022, both Director Gwenole Cozigou from the European Commission and EOTA-President Sebastian Wall (ITB, Poland) had already hinted to the Action Plan, then still under development. Mr. Cozigou summarised the gist of the Plan in the most simple terms: “putting the EOTA route back into normal operation mode”. EOTA President Sebastian Wall stressed the importance of this joint action for the industry.

The backlog of 137 EADs included in the joint Action Plan accrued over a longer period since 2018 due to different factors including the James Elliott judgement (C-613/14) and the high demand for EADs. The European Commission and EOTA are both deeply committed to making the joint Action Plan a success. Work has actually already started.