With a special focus on the ETA route to CE marking

EOTA white paper on the CPR review

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) provides the framework for the free movement of construction products throughout the EU single market. Within this framework, the European Technical Assessment (ETA) offers a much sought after, customisable and agile route to CE marking for innovative, e.g. more sustainable, performative, durable or smart, products.

With this white paper, EOTA would like to contribute to the discussions on the future CPR harmonisation system and share perspectives on the ETA route to CE marking, which is actually a common European achievement.

EOTA remains deeply committed to the goals of a single and dynamic European market for construction products, a common technical language and a safe built environment across Europe. We look forward to continuing to work towards this purpose with the European Institutions, national administrations and industry stakeholders from the entire European Economic Area.