Innovative Construction Products: Global Markets and Sustainability

2023 EOTA Stakeholder Forum

On 14 November 2023 EOTA will host its online Stakeholder Forum 'Innovative Construction Products: Global Markets and Sustainability'. Policy-makers, construction industry professionals, associations, and regulators are going to be our guest speakers.

The Forum will be held remotely to allow stakeholders from all across the EU and beyond to tune in. Panel discussions and keynote speeches will revolve around two key topics:

The first thematic session aims to delve into the topic of enabling sustainability assessment of innovative construction products. Panellists will be asked to share their expertise, experiences, and discuss current developments on how to make the construction product sector greener.

The second session of the Forum will address key questions and considerations regarding the ETA’s global reach and how it could be enhanced. On top of this, panellists will be asked to share success stories of EU tools on global markets.

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