New EADs published

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Today, the European Commission communicated 6 new references to EADs (European Assessment Documents) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ).

The new reference list includes one listing which converts European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG) 001 part 6. The phased conversion of ETAGs developed under the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) into EADs under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 was agreed between European Commission and EOTA in 2014. There will be more transformed ETAGs going to be published in 2018.

Full text of the EADs are published on our website for free download from next week onwards: Publications -> EAD

The ETA route to CE marking is open to all manufacturers of construction products whose products are not fully covered by a harmonised standard. Feel free to contact one of our competent Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB) to have your product assessed!

Find a TAB?

Bodies wishing to provide third party tasks in the assessment and verification of the constancy of the performance (AVCP) of construction products are invited to apply for notification with their responsible notifying authority.

List of new EADs published today for the first time in the OJEU (C (Information and Notices)):


Thermal insulation board made of mineral material


Thermal insulation product made of loose fill
expanded perlite (EP)


Geocomposite for drainage system


Additives for asphalt production - additives from bitumen
granules made from recycled bituminous roofing felt


Fasteners for use in concrete for redundant
non-structural systems


Spiral Cable Anchor


EAD 290001-00-0701 is replaced by EAD 280015-00-0701 without changing the content.
EAD 330747-00-0601 is replacing ETAG 001 part 6 Anchors for multiple use for non-structural applications, 2011.