EADs and publication

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EOTA has developed until today more than 40 European Assessment Documents (EADs) following the criteria and requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (CPR). This Regulation came fully into force on 1st July 2013.

These EADs may be used by Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) for further assessments of products related to other ETA requests from a technical perspective. In so far these EADs form an internal source of technical views, best practises and knowledge exchanged amongst TABs throughout Europe. This position was confirmed by the EOTA Technical Board in October 2014 and the General Assembly in November 2014, and as well shared by the European Commission.

Adopted EADs are understood as Documents which have been adopted by EOTA and have been communicated to the manufacturer, and to the EC for an observation phase of 15 working days (see Annex II (7) to the CPR). Observations are taken on board by EOTA accordingly.

ETAs are elaborated and issued based on such adopted EADs.

In parallel, the EADs enter in a publication phase according to the CPR. This means, that

  • An ETA has been issued - by the TAB;
  • Titles of the EAD have to be translated in all official languages of the European Union in order to be published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) – by EOTA;
  • In some cases a final EAD has to be elaborated, when adjustments of the adopted EAD are necessary, based on experiences gained – by the TABs acting jointly;
  • A final editing will take place – by the TABs and EOTA;
  • The publication in the OJEU has to be prepared – by the Publication Office of the European Commission.

In addition, the EAD format is again under scrutiny of the European Commission and editorial adjustments are ahead once EOTA and the EC have finalized agreement on such a model format for all EADs to be published.


It must be understood that essential for the CE marking of construction products is the drawing up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) by the manufacturer (see Art 8 (2), 4 (1) of the CPR). The ETA documents the assessment of the construction product before placing it on the market (Art 4 (1), recital (28) of the CPR). Once an ETA has been issued by a TAB, the manufacturer should take - besides other documentation (i.e. REACH declaration and other instruments, NB certificates) - this ETA into account for his DoP.


EOTA and the EC well understand that notification practice in Europe may result in a bottleneck for manufacturers proceeding with their CE-marking process and therefore agreed a streamlining procedure with Member States in order to provide for timely notification of Notified Bodies. EOTA will further investigate on how to transparently make aware concerned public actors like notifying authorities and market surveillance authorities about EADs, without neglecting the duly interest of manufacturers for confidentiality and secrecy.


Furthermore and aiming at supporting this process, EOTA developed a specific (white) cover page of adopted but not yet published EADs aiming at underlining the official character of such documents. 


EOTA will publish EADs on its website for download the moment the reference has been published in the OJEU.